Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Annual "When Will It Air?" Post

We go through this every year; knowing that a new series is confirmed or mayber even filmed, yet having no idea when it's going to air. Last year we were all left hanging from New Year's Day onwards, hopeful that the second series might materialise sometime later in 2007. It never did. It was over a year before we saw Torchwood again.

Now John Barrowman is playing silly buggers with us, and is quoted online as having saying that the series might not be back until June 2009 - after previously giving late February or early March as the transmission date. But neither date is "final" (says this report). Hmm...

With 2009 being a relatively Who-lite year, it makes sense to hold off showing Torchwood series 3 until after February (why waste a fine vintage so early in the year, leaving yourself only bottles of Bucks Fizz for all those other special occassions?!) but to hold it off for summer, especially when it'll air over a 5 day Monday-Friday period... what a silly idea. Surely people are too busy having barbeques and generally summer lovin' then?

(Nicholas Briggs, who supplies the voice of the Daleks in Doctor Who, confirmed at the ChicagoTARDIS convention that not only has he just recorded a speaking role for episode 4, but that the reason behind the delay may be because "although the preference for it is to broadcast it in March, five nights of the week" there were "rumblings that the schedulers were having a difficult time finding a week where they could do this that wouldn't mess up other series, and because they really want to stick to that sort of broadcast schedule, it could get postponed to as late as June.")

One thing is for sure though - whenever the episode *does* eventually air, the BBC plan to promote it like Hell (they really do want the show to be a success, kids - with a 'regular', i.e. 13 part, fourth series already on the cards). I'm told there's going to be side-of-bus ads again, a "significant" television campaign (that includes a specially made Jack/Gwen/Ianto trailer) and another relaunch of the show's online content. Repeats of series two episodes on BBC Two are another possibility also.

So roll on 2009 - come February, or June; Diwali or Hanukkah..

BBC's Torchwood - suitable all year round!*

*Excludes the year 2007.
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