Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Christmas In Cardiff!

"We Are Coming"... to traumatize you! Well, sort of. The official Torchwood website has just posted a new 10-second teaser clip of CoE. It was originally cut for Australian television networks (which only recently aired series two), but the Beeb has been kind enough to let international viewers watch it on their site. It's a must-see for anyone who thought that the longer preview didn't show enough creepy children acting creepily (if that's even a word).

EDIT: It appears the clip has now been restricted to UK viewers only. But I'm sure we Torchwood fans are resourceful enough to find it somewhere else...


Fandom has been working overtime today with rumors of a certain Torchwood member appearing on the Doctor Who set... but now we have photos to prove it! John Barrowman has been spotted filming for the final specials, and intrepid fan alun_vega has photographic evidence of Jack's return to the Who crew.

The scenes he's shooting now are intended for the final two Tenth Doctor specials, which are slated to air around Christmas 2009. Does this mean Jack will witness the regeneration scene? Because I would pay good money to see his reaction to barely-legal Eleven.

(Also: way to abandon your team again, Mr. I-Came-Back-For-You! Have we learned nothing from 'Last of the Time Lords?')


Speaking of The Barrowman (because when are we ever not?), his official site has been updated with news of the BFI's exclusive screening of CoE:

John will join other members of the cast of Torchwood at the National Film Theatre on 12 June for a preview of Torchwood: Children of Earth, followed by a Q&A session. Tickets are expected to go on sale on 5 May (members) and 12 May (general public).
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