Monday, May 04, 2009

Blink, and you're dead! Er, I mean, "and you'll miss it".

If you thought the last Torchwood teaser clip was minimalist, wait 'til you see what those crazy Australians have come up with now!

The show's official website in the land down under has just posted another 10-second promo for CoE. Spoiler-phobes can watch this one guilt-free, because, well... see for yourself.

Imagine having that come on your telly during the commercials! Run and hide behind the couch indeed...


The latest issue of UK-based SciFiNow magazine, with plastic-y looking Chris Pine on the cover, features new interviews with Eve Myles and director Euros Lynn, in which they talk about -what else?- Children of Earth.

For those of us unable (or too cheap!) to purchase the magazine, has kindly excerpted parts of Eve's interview, which you can read here.

She reveals that although time has passed since "Exit Wounds", Tosh and Owen have not been forgotten: "There’s a beautiful moment where [their] pictures are still there and Gwen says good morning to them every morning, so they’re still a very strong symbol of life and death in Torchwood.” (Even the most anti-Gwen fans have to admit that's cute.)

And what else can eager fans look forward to in June? "They can expect to see the Torchwood heroes becoming even more heroic. They’ll see devastation, but they’ll also see a huge bit of comedy and the best Torchwood that we’ve ever produced to date. They’re going to get it all, and I dare anybody not to enjoy it."
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