Monday, April 27, 2009

This Weekend In Torchwood

Last month Kai Owen announced he was in training for the 2009 Flora London Marathon. The marathon was held yesterday, April 26, and Kai was out there running alongside more than 35,000 other participants . He may not have come in first place (you can see his results here) but he did raise over £3500 for the Cancer & Leukemia In Children charity. Congratulations, Kai!


This past Saturday, April 25, saw the release of Torchwood's first graphic novel, "Rift War", compiled from the official magazine's comic inserts. To celebrate the day, Forbidden Planet, London's geek megastore, hosted a special signing with the book's creative team. Even if you couldn't make it to the event, you can still get yourself a signed copy of "Rift War" on their site for £7.99. For the bargain-hunters among us, has regular editions for £2 less.


Do the people behind Sci-Fi Collector ever sleep? Last week they announced their second wave of Torchwood action figures, and now they're back again with the announcement that two of those characters will be released early, in limited-edition.

Ianto Jones and Captain John Hart figures will be available as part of the second wave later this summer, but particularly obsessive fans may be interested to know that both are now available in collectible packaging. The reason for the fancy wrappings? Only 1,000 of each figure were produced, and the majority of these will only be available at upcoming gigs by Gareth David-Lloyd or James Marsters. If you're determined to get your hands on them (the toys, not the actors!), a certain number have been set aside for online-only sales. They can be purchased individually for £14.99 each, or as a set for £29.99, here.

1000 Iantos, 1000 Captain Johns... That warehouse must be Captain Jack's wet dream come true.
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