Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Reel Deal

Good news for anyone who's ever longed for a five-inch-tall blowfish action figure to call their very own! Not just any blowfish, mind you, but a gun-waving, joy-riding, exposition-delivering, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-appearing blowfish.

The good people at SciFiCollector (think Dalek cookie jars and Cybermen iPod covers) are now accepting pre-orders for their second batch of licensed Torchwood action figures. This set includes The Blowfish, as well as some other less important people named Tosh, Ianto, and Captain John. But seriously, I think we all know who the reel star of this set is. (Get it? 'Reel'? Like, fishing reel? *sigh*)

The set, which is expected to ship this summer, will run you £39.95, and can be ordered here. (And while you're there, would you mind buying me a pack of Tenth Doctor handkerchiefs? I'll pay shipping - although postage within the UK is free!!)
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