Friday, July 10, 2009

He, Houdini

I don't know if this is public knowledge yet, or if it is how many people know about it. It might not even be true. I'm just reporting something that has been sent to me by one reader, who's apparently 'in the know' about these things. Only just got the email, having been at work since the afternoon...

In their own words (Can anybody confirm if this is true?):

"Apparently John Barrowman was filming Fifth Gear yesterday and narrowly escaped serious injury when his car rolled over. No one has said anything officially. Just heard about it. Would love to find out if it's true. Captain Jack is really unbeatable! This didn't come from me tho.."

Firstly, if true, John came to no harm whatsoever, so don't worry yourself. Secondly, how much of a real life Captain Scarlet... erm, Harkness even is he?

Updates to follow. Probably.

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