Monday, July 06, 2009

Radio Play Wrap-Up

Well folks, in just a few more hours those lucky people in the UK will be watching the opening credits of Torchwood: Children of Earth's first episode.

But until that time, why not have a discussion of the three most recent radio plays? I have a feeling that any and all coverage from herein on will focus on CoE, but before that let's give the audio dramas a bit of love, hmmm?

So leave a comment or two (or twelve) in this post.

What did you love (or not) about the shows? How did they stack up against Lost Souls waaay back in September? Do you think that CoE will address some of the new canon (especially in regards to Asylum?) Which, if any, do you wish had been made into an actual episode?

And a spoiler-lite refresher:
Asylum: In which it is revealed that Captain Jack's Torchwood eventually becomes firefighters.
Golden Age: Colonialism is most efficient when run with people-power.

The Dead Line: Don't blink answer the phone! Blink Answer the phone, and you're dead.
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