Friday, July 03, 2009

Thin Dead Line

Right, that's two down - one to go! By now you've no doubt listened to the two brand spanking new Torchwood radio adventures, that have been airing on BBC's Radio 4 station (Wednesday's "Asylum" and yesterday's "Golden Age"). Well, today's there's one final story to round off the series - "The Dead Line" and from the sounds of things, it's a corker!

Don't forget, ahead of Children of Earth next week various media outlets are running stories regarding the series. SFX Magazine, for example, have published a lengthy interview with the show's creator, Russell T Davies (who, as ever, positively shines during it). Digitalpy have also been previewing the series, and here's just one example of their coverage.

The DVD and Blu-Ray release of CoE has been pushed forward a couple of weeks, to July 13th - meaning that there's an ever so slight chance some fans who have pre-ordered the release will get the boxset ahead of transmission for Friday's finale (depending on when the discs are shipped - there may well be an embargo for even shipping releases until, say, Thursday afternoon).

The Blu-Ray release of series 2 has also hit UK stores, and those across Europe.

More developments surrounding CoE over the weekend, and across next week.

(You can read a 'making of' for the three audio adventures here - thanks to reader J. M. Ferretti)
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