Monday, July 06, 2009

Tonight's the Night

(See what I did there? I thought it was clever and highly amusing, anyways...)

Tonight sees the first new venture onto television for the Torchwood team since... would you believe it, April 2008. Children of Earth runs all week long, becoming true 'event' television in the process. But let's face it, for us Woodies it was always going to be an event, wasn't it? After all, we've had over a 15 month wait - not to mention a Doctor Who crossover that's wet our appetites, and four rather accomplished radio plays that have helped bide time.

If you're new to the Torchwood experience, having seen trailers and such over the last couple of weeks and thought you'd investogate further, then welcome! Firstly, to the world of Torchwood - which spins out of Doctor Who, or more specifically Russell T Davies' take on the science-fiction juggernaut. The show is centred around Cardiff's Torchwood team, who investigate strange goings on around the town that are often related to the presense of extra terrestrial beings.

Tonight is the start of the show's third season; although rest assured that you need no more of an introduction than what you'll get during tonight's opening installment.

(And if you do like what you see tonight and during the rest of the week, you should know that the DVD and Blu-Ray boxsets of series one and two are also available now...)

Secondly, welcome to! We're a site dedicated to all things Torchwood (but you've probably guessed that, right?) and have been reporting all the latest news, as well as commentary and other such ramblings, ever since the show's commission was first announced back in 2005. On a personal level, I hope you enjoy what you see here and decide to join us on our Torchwood odyssey on a regular basis.

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day One kicks off at 9pm tonight on BBC One here in the UK, and runs on UKTV in Australia a few hours later, from 8:15pm local time.
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