Friday, July 10, 2009

"Shake the Dirt Off My Shoes..."

My Blu-Ray DVD 'boxset' of Children of Earth has arrived through the post, and this afternoon I sat down to watch the concluding episode of the serial - hours ahead of its official BBC One debut. Normally I'd probably just wait it out, and watch as it goes live - but alas, I'm at work from 7pm onwards so that's never been an option.


Here's a quick preview of what to expect. It's pretty light on SPOILERS, but if you want to go into the episode not wanting to know anything at all, I suggest you look away now.


1: PC Andy Davidson takes off some clothes...
2: Not only is Captain Jack immortal - a certain well known accessory of his is, too...
3: It's all to do with getting high...
4: Abortion becomes an option...
5: "The Government has sold us out..."
6: Jack's Ret-Con is namechecked (and also, kinda blamed).
7: "They've got kids. Ianto's niece and nephew... Save them"
8: Mr. Frobisher makes an important decision. It's the only option left...
9: Rhys threatens to hit one of the other men in Gwen's life...
10: One cast member's name doesn't feature in the episode's credits - for the very first time since the series started back in 2006.

As for the episode's ending... well, put it this way I'm not too sure what form a fourth series of the show would take. I'm taking the ending as more of a cliffhanger than a definite ending, however. A little bit like how series one ended the story very specifically, but left enough room for series two, and beyond.

More on the episode after it goes out tonight.

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day Five airs 9pm, BBC One.

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