Saturday, July 11, 2009

Torchwood Lives!

A quick reminder: SPOILERS for anyboy who has yet to see the conclusion to Children of Earth - you have been warned!!

Man, Day Five has provoked some strong reactions. On the one hand there's the corner of fandom who feel utterly, utterly angry about Russell T Davies' finale, feeling that it pushed Jack Harkness into a direction they didn't like. They feel like their favourite show didn't quite end the way it should have, and I can understand that...

...But, sorry, I'm firmly positioned in the second camp - those fans that watched Day Five and thought it was a bloody good piece of drama. Flawed, certainly, but it was still incredibly powerful and moving. The fact that so many of you are pissed that Jack just runs away at the end demonstrates that. They say the best dramas invite response, and for the first time this show offered that, and more.

Somehow, I don't quite think this is the end of Torchwood (desite how things might first appear). Jack's departure prepares the character for his role in the finale to David Tennant's era onboard Doctor Who, and there after he's free to return to Cardiff (or wherever...). Sure, John Barrowman won't be available to film the series until March 2010 at the earliest, due to prior commitments, but that's not going to stop him!

Then there's the fantastic ratings. 6 million people. Read back over that. No, you're not dreaming - 6 million! The BBC would be foolish not to look at those numbers and order some more episodes, with or without Harkness. Plus, it's an ideal opportunity to bring in new characters/actors - actors who might also be on the cheap side to hire! Well, in the middle of a recession every penny matters.

Rumours are abound that the show could be moving across the pond to the USA, or at least an American remake is bound our way. Russell T Davies is the latest in a long line of production personnel to move over to LA (Julie Gardner has gone, too) - and based off of the show's success over there, I wouldn't rule out the Americans wanting a piece of the Torchwood pie.

Online fandom continues to thrive, also. Forums are going into meltdown over events seen in CoE, and brand spanking new sites are being set up by the people who watched this latest series, fell in love with the series and decided to label themselves fans. They own the show now, as do you, and online they'll never let its flame go out. will continue to offer up the latest happenings within the Torchwood community, with a whole host of writers onboard to ensure it stays as one of the top online resources available. Tomorrow sees the launch of our third annual Reader Awards, which everybody is entitled to vote in, and they'll be posted up in time for my own personal farewell at the end of the month. Yep, after three years reporting, it's almost my time to bid fandom adieu as I move onto ventures new. But the site, like the show it follows, lives on.

Why don't you post your reactions to CoE in the comments section below, and while you're at it take a stab at predicting what you think the future holds for the Torchwood brand. Please, remember, the show hasn't been cancelled by anybody; so try to remain positive!

Torchwood: Children of Earth hits DVD/Blu-Ray here in the UK on Monday 13th July.

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