Wednesday, July 08, 2009

They've Come For Your Children!!

Another explosive episode tonight, huh? I must admit that I'm finding the 456 creature utterly, utterly creepy. It's one of those things that I think they should keep hidden from us as viewers, much like the Alien in the Alien series. As soon as we're granted a full look at the thing, it loses all sense of mystery and horror - because nothing 'real' can live up to what our imaginations might conjure up regarding the thing.

On another note, am I the only one who's noticed how little airtime Captain Jack/John Barrowman has had during the last couple of episodes? They've very much been lite on the character - maybe because Barrowman is off here, there and everywhere filling in as presenter on gameshows, or panel shows, or whatever. I miss him, in a strange way.


You can read the blog of Day Three's co-writer James Moran here, and there's also an interview with him over at Den of Geek! for your enjoyment, here.

Let us know what you thought of tonight's episode in the comments section below. If you missed it, it's available via BBC iPlayer (UK only, alas) for the next 7 days.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with keeping the 456 hidden from us. it does make it seem more creepy. When i explained that if they showed us it'd be a disappointment my mum and sister looked at me like i'm a weirdo! so glad someone agrees with me!
loving this series <333


p.s sorry of it makes no sense its late and i should be sleeping not re-watching torchwood on i-player!!

Anonymous said...

Jack, species 456 is intriguing in its capacity for projectile vomiting or is it explosive diarrhoea? A really nice touch :)

JimmyD said...

L.O.V.I.N.G. IT! Yes... keep the 456 hidden in their nest of poison. Very freaky. And Jack! WHAT has he done??!!
This is the best five hour movie EVER!

load-of-tosh said...

What a great episode - James Moran delivers again!

The 456 continue to be deliciously creepy. And yes, they should never be properly revealed, because knowing Rusty they'll probably be giant balls of poop, or something like that.

Continuing to enjoy the (slightly awkward) relationship between Jack and Ianto. But Jack managed to run off before Rhys left... "bloody beans" indeed. Also: um, wow, those contacts sure got extensive, erm, use. I'm torn between blushing and applauding.

How cool is Jack's daughter? Very. Can she join Torchwood now, please?

I must admit, I'm kind of heartbroken about the loss of Jack's original coat. (Along with, of course, the contents of the Hub morgue and Myfanwy. If Ianto can buy a replica coat at surplus, do you reckon he could get them another pterodactyl, too? Come back Myfanwy!)

Also, we'd been teased that Jack's (admittedly extensive) past would come back to haunt him. But this new development is better than I could have expected. Looking forward to see where this is going tomorrow!

And just as an aside about the aliens' demand of "10% of Earth's children"... does RTD love decimation, or what? The Master did that to the entire world in the DW series 3 finale. Not to mention the whole poison thing ("The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky") and the aliens-possessing-people thing ("The Christmas Invasion"). Regardless, I'm enjoying this new incarnation of those themes much more!

Anonymous said...

I am a very very sad girl, who's badly want to watch the 3rd series but here I am all the way in South East Asia with no Torchwood to watch. :(

Do you know any good website where I can watch it online or maybe even...ehm *whisper* download it?

Anonymous said...

5.9 Million viewers for Day 3 - How great is that?

Carrie said...

What a fantastic mini-series. Edge of the seat stuff. Where's the next full series? What are the BBC playing at? The show has a lot of keen followers. I have never ever left a message on one of these things, nor will I again, but I felt moved to, just this once. John Barrowman is a fantastic actor and should be allowed and encouraged to do more of this and less cheesey stuff. I'd rather see Torchwood than all the awful fly on the wall crap there is.