Thursday, February 02, 2006

Keep Calm

The title above is the directive that RTD has given us, and I think for the most part we have been adhering to that. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Russell comments that changes in personnel is to be expected in the pre-production of a blossoming show such as Torchwood. He confirmed a prior report that James Hawes will not be producing the program. Looking out my window, I don't see any riots in the street yet, so it seems Woodies are dealing with this news responsibly.

doctor who

The report also said that pre-production is still "a few weeks off" which while not implicitly stating that the show is way behind schedule, does seem to indicate we really shouldn't expect to see it on our screens until very late in the year at the earliest. If you count backwards 13 weeks from the last saturday in March of 2007 (When WHO season 29 will probably start) you end up in the last week of December 2006. Hmm, could there be a christmas premiere in the cards for the non-family-orientated Torchwood?

Finally, two new names have also been thrown into the mix, Helen Raynor as script editor and Matt Savage as designer. More on them in forthcoming posts . . . well that is if they are still associated with the show by the time I can get around to writing about them.
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