Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Secret Life of Captain Barrowman...?

It's Halloween all year 'round for John Barrowman... or so he would have us believe.

A special premiere screening of the first episode of Children of Earth was held today, and while reporters are sworn to secrecy about all the juicy details, that didn't stop them from questioning The Barrowman about his costumed appearance on the Doctor Who set.

His reply? "I actually go to the supermarket dressed as Captain Jack and that was a picture of me running from Tesco to my car and some paparazzi photographed me and they superimposed David there and that's what that is."

Cue the raised eyebrows of, um, everyone who reads that. Far be it from me to call "shenanigans" on his explanation, but just take a good look at his face as he says the same thing to each reporter! One video from Digital Spy here, and another video here.
(And "I'm telling you the honest to God truth, haven't read a script" -- haven't read a script? I think we may have found a loophole the size of the Rift!)
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