Sunday, May 10, 2009

The show's so vogue

Captain Jack says that "everything changes" - nothing more so than fashion!

As you're no doubt aware has dabbled in fashion before - who doesn't want a T-shirt?! - but now at last Woodies across the land can rejoice as Forbidden Planet International have on sale an official licensed Torchwood T-shirt (that puts our's to shame, and then some!) that you can get your hands on right now!*

*I admit that's there's been some recent scandal about online buying from FP International, but I'm assured that this has all been corrected now.
In other news, it looks like BBC America won't be airing Children of Earth the same week as BBC One here in the UK. Instead promotional material indicates that it'll go out some time in July - a full month after its mid-June UK debut.


E.B. said...

And once again, US Woodies are treated like a pack of hobknockers.

Marie said...

That's an awesome shirt :P
You should check out and search Torchwood. Some of the stuff is great!

load-of-tosh said...

@ E.B.:

Ha, you think that's bad -- try living in Canada! The CBC co-produced both "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood", but handled the shows so poorly that we had Christmas specials air in July! Just recently, a cable channel (Space) bought the rights to both shows, so now we'll get episodes just two months after everyone else. Oh, Canada...

Anonymous said...

Australia's even worse. We get everything ages after everyone else. The network that had Torchwood never even finished showing Season 2 properly. They kept changing screening times so no one ever knew when it was on. Luckily another network picked up season 3, but the odds are still we won't get it until months afterwards.