Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Are Coming... But when?

Despite the fact that a BBC press release announced that Children of Earth was going to air some time in June, now it's looking like that may not be the case. From the start of Children of Earth's publicity, there was talk of having the mini series simulcast across as many networks in as many nations as possible, especially BBC One and BBC America.

However BBC America has been running teasers, as well as officially announced, that their airdate for the series will be some time in July. Does this mean that the airdate for BBC One will be pushed to July? Or have they just abandoned the idea of the simulcast?

Another article with another "official release" has shown up, saying that July is in fact the month that the broadcast will happen, but after all this back and forth, it's hard be sure. The one date that is known is the special event screening of the first episode slated for June 12th at the British Film Institute, which was sold out to members before it even went on sale to the general public.

Hopefully a solid date will be announced soon, but until then, at least it's safe to say it will air some time before August... We hope.
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