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Penblwydd-Hapus Torchwood.tv

12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days.

It really doesn't seem like a whole year ago that the BBC announced the arrival of Torchwood does it? Or for that matter, a whole year since Kurly started torchwood.tv - one of the first websites around that catered specifically for Torchwood; a series that was (then) a whole year away from broadcast.

How time flies.

In celebration of the past 365 days then - for both this site, and Torchwood in general, I've compiled this; the ultimate list to all things Torchwood - a history of the past year, and a remainer of some of the great times we've all had together in the process...

Lets begin shall we?

What I remember most about the announcement of "Torchwood" this time last year was how surprising it was. It literally took me by complete surprise. Looking back, I must have felt a little over joyed at the time; because up until that point silly old me presumed that I'd have to wait until 2007 at the earliest to see good old Captain Jack again. How wrong I was...

Some important posts from this month include:
The announcement (here)
Charlotte Church - the rumours! (here)
Kurly names us Woodies! (here)

Man, a slow month! John was busy with Panto, and Russell T Davies was busy being interviewed by Doctor Who Magazine - revealling Gwen's name for the very first time! Apart from that...well, November 2005 wasn't very kind to Torchwood!

Some important posts from this month include:
Gwen! (here)
The Children in Need scene (here)

Another slow month - but at least work started on the Torchwood scripts at last! Two fellow writers were announced for the very first time, PJ Hammond and Chris Chibnall. Of course, this was long before we knew about Noel Clarke - and the fact that RTD wouldn't be the Head Writer, but Chibnall would! The Christmas Invasion gave us our first Torchwood refernces - and for a while, it looked like James Hawes would be the Torchwood producer. Oh, and somebody dared to even suggest Eve Myles would be playing Gwen. Yeah, pull the other one guys!

Some important posts from this month include:
James Hawes as producer? (here)
John's getting married! (here)
The Christams Invasion (here)
Eve Myles rumours (here)

John went a little chat show mad to promote his new series, Dancing on Ice, as Life on Mars debuted on BBC One - showing us all how great adult science-fiction can be. On a personal note, I contributed to Torchwood.tv in a slight manner - breaking the news that Torchwood might not be ready for the summer, because of a delay in filming. How fans heart broke. On a more postive note, jb.com revealled how Torchwood might air on BBC 1 sometime...

Some important posts from this month include:
The chat show circuit (here)
Black Tuesday (here)
News on a possible BBC One broadcast! (here)

The month I joined torchwood.tv - as at last, news began to leak about the forthcoming production. As John stumbled out of Dancing on Ice - literally - news broke on the casting of Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper.As all this was going on, Kurly was on holiday, and missed it all! Till this day, he hasn't forgiven himself...

Some important posts from this month include:
My first post! (here)
Eve Myles is cast (here)
Our 100th post (here)
SFX Wishlist (here)

MARCH 2006
Saint David's day came and went, and with it came more news on Torchwood's developement. James Hawes stepped down, and Richard Stokes became his replacement. At the same time, news broke on the full list of writers for Torchwood the series, which included none other than Noel Clarke and Helen Raynor! John presented "This Morning", as "The Hub" was phrased for the very first time! Kurly changed Torchwood.tv from white, to a more atmospheric black. And we haven't looked back since!

Some important posts from this month include:
It might not be 2006 after all! (here)
John Barrowman on "This Morning" (here)
May it is! (here)
Noel Clarke writes Torchwood! (here)

APRIL 2006
Doctor Who returned to our screens, and explored the origins of the Torchwood Institute in "Tooth and Claw". A fake version of the Torchwood theme hit the internet, as we celebrated six months of torchwood.tv. Finally, after months of waiting, two more Torchwood recruits were revealled, in the form of Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori - and reports came in regarding fairies at the bottom of the garden...

Some important posts from this month include:
Tooth and Claw (here)
John presents This Morning! (here)
Richard Stokes interview (here)
Six months on (here)
Naoko and Burn's casting (here)

MAY 2006
Filming starts at last, and we reveal daily filmings locations (and got a slapped wrist in the process!). Ianto was cast. So was Suzie. John Barrowman appeared at the London Film and Comic Con. Oh, and good old Captain Jack makes his debut as a sticker.

Some important posts from this month include:
Filming begins (here)
The world wide wood (here)
Meet Ianto (here)
Indira Varma's stealth casting! (here)

JUNE 2006
How do you solve a problem like Maria? Captain Jack toys. Armies of Ghosts creating Doomsday. Little else besides. I hadn't realised how quiet June was!

Some important posts from this month include:
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (here)
Torchwood in Doomsday (here)
The action figures (here)

JULY 2006
Putting the puppies back in aside, July was quiet on the Western front - but we didn't care, because we had actual Torchwood footage to watch in Doctor Who Confidential! I tried my hands at the Torchwood Archives - an experiment that failed miserably, and we reached our 200th post here on torchwood.tv. An official trailer was sent out to all those "important people" out there - which sadly didn't torchwood.tv! The cheek of it!

Some important posts from this month include:
As big as it can get! (here)
Put the puppies back in! (here)
The magic 200 (here)
News on the Torchwood trailer (here)

Episode titles. Fake trailers. DOGS. August was the month we all went on holiday - and so, torchwood.tv was updated on a less frequent basis. It didn't help that there was no real news to report!

Some important posts from this month include:
DOGS (here)
Sarah Jane Investigates announced (here)
Happy dayz (here)
The youtube fake trailer! (here)

At last - something actually happened! The month kicked off with my "25 Questions" post, that I'm still proud of today! Soon afterwards, I saw the Torchwood trailer at the BBC Proms, and was literally blown away by what I saw - so much so, that my enthusiasm for Torchwood grew ten fold overnight! Abi joined the site, as John kissed lots of Marias. SFX Magazine interviewed the man himself. The Torchwood books were announced for the first time, as John Barrowman and Russell T Davies were inteviewed for the Gay Times. The busy month ended with news of the pterodactyl and an almost confirmed airdate!

Some important posts from this month include:
That 25 Questions thing (here)
The BBC Proms Trailer (here)
Torchwood books (here)
Abi's first ever post for torchwood.tv (here)
An almost confirmed airdate! (here)

The month of Torchwood arrives at last; with news of the series debut on Sunday nights. There's conflicting reports about a BBC1/2/3 broadcast, as the Torchwood website goes online at last. And it rocks - the Doctor's hands pickled in a jar. What's not to love? The website - for the first time - achieves over 5000 readers daily, partially because of those blink and you'll miss them trailers! The BBC managed some sneaky viral marketing - before redeeming themselves with free screenings across major cities in the UK. I was even lucky enough to win a pair! Torchwood.tv approached it's 300th post, as at last, we come full circle and October 17th hits. 365 days after the site first launched; we're still going strong.

Some important posts from this month include:
All those trailers (here)
An episode guide (here)
That damn Cyber-woman! (here)
The Radio Times Front Cover (here)
Kurly's one year anniversary post (here)

A year is in - one sense - a very long time; but in another way, a very short space of time. For torchwood.tv to survive so long shows the dedication that Kurly has put into running the site these past 12 months - and also, what fantastic readers we have too. You guys have supported us; even when news was thin on the ground and you had to endure another poorly punned blog title by jackharknes!

For everybody that's helped create torchwood.tv this past year, this post is for you; a celebration of everything that we've achieved together. We've charted the birth of a television programme that promises to sizzle on screen. In doing so, we've captured history in the making.

A hard task; but one we've all lived up to.

Thank you.

And here's for October 17th 2007...
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