Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Penblwydd-Hapus (Eilchwyl)

24 Months. 104 Weeks. 730 Days.

Time's a funny thing, don't you think? It can pass us by at both an incredible and horendous rate. Take Torchwood - can you believe it's been two years already since the BBC announced online that they'd commissioned the series, a Doctor Who spin-off series for the 21st Century? Scarier still, it's been two years since this very site launched on the internet.

Suddenly, I feel so old...

Let's take a look back over the past twelve months in particular and explore what happened once Torchwood actually aired on the telly, the reaction it got, and what's happened since. You can read last year's anniversary post - covering October 2005 through to October 2006 - by clicking on this handy link.

Lets begin shall we?


The series airs at last! We're dazzled by "Everything Changes", bewildered by the excessive "Day One" and - maybe - a little freaked out by Helen Raynor's "Ghost Machine". 3 million people are watching; probably because of the 3 million interviews that John Barrowman seems to be doing all month long. On a personal level, I decide to fixate on the idea of the Cybermen appearing sometime in the show's future. If only I knew...

Some important posts from this month include:
Reactions to the advance screenings (here and here)
Billie Piper loves Torchwood! (here)
The series launches (here)
The ratings are in! (here)


We learnt that heel-clad Cyberwomen might not be such a good idea after all; that horrors lurked at the end of your garden and within the Welsh countryside; and not to trust sexy alien beings that may or may not tempt you with lesbian sex. News items include

Some important posts from this month include:
Meet Myfanwy (here)
Cottingley Correction (here)
DVD 1.1 (here)
Inside the Hub (here)


It's Christmas time in the world of Torchwood - and the team celebrate by bringing back Suzie Costello, meeting a strange chap called Eugene, rescuing three lost travellers from the 1950's and playing "Fight Club" with Weevils - lots of them. Over in Doctor Who, the Doctor and Donna Noble find a strange underground Torchwood base.

Some important posts from this month include:
The first three Torchwood novels (here)
BBC Two VS. BBC Three (here)
Season Two Announced (here)
John Barrowman marries (here)


As the series ends of a high note (and a TARDIS themed cliffhanger) with the double bill of "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days", we're faced with the prospect of a 12 month wait until series two. In the mean time we have's first annual awards, and the pilot episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" to enjoy!

Some important posts from this month include:
Goodbye (We'll Meet Again) (here)
25 Questions Answered (here)
The return of Jack! (here)
DVD 1.2 (here)


Slow news season begins, as we announce the winners of the awards! PJ Hammond confirms that he'll be returning for the second series (yay!) but once again they'll be no Steven Moffat script (boo-hiss!)

Some important posts from this month include:
PJ Hammond returns (here)
Reader's Awards (here)
DVD 1.3 (here)
Production Problems? (here)

MARCH 2007

Is it 2007 or 2008? Torchwood audio adventures! "Moaning Old Minnies!" Doctor Who returns - which means there's not a lot to talk about on the Torchwood front!

Some important posts from this month include:
2007 or 2008? (here)
Who Killed the Radio Star? (here)
Moaning Old Minnies! (here)

APRIL 2007

The months kicks off with a Torchwood themed April Fool's joke from yours truly, which - surprisingly - a lot of you were taken in by. Eve and Burn; yeah right! BBC America bought the rights to broadcast Torchwood, as the show went head to head with Doctor Who in the Welsh BAFTAs. We reached 500 posts, as I told you all how much I'd love to write for Torchwood. Oh, and filming began on series two, too...

Some important posts from this month include:
Fools for Love (here)
Coming to America (here)
Torchwood and the BAFTAs (here)
The 500th Post (here)
Writing For Torchwood (here)
Series Two Filming (here)

MAY 2007

As more details about the second series seep through, lots of filming takes place in and around Cardiff - shame we won't see it until 2008! Torchwood hits Australia - as Jonathan Ross gives us a sneak look at Captain Jack's return to Doctor Who!

Some important posts from this month include:
Location filming (here and here)
What a Moran (here)
Clip of "Utopia" (here)

JUNE 2007

Captain Jack returns to "Doctor Who" - in time to battle the Master, and reveal himself to be the Face of Boe. And Spike confirmed he was coming on over to Torchwood. 'Nuff said, really...

Some important posts from this month include:
Captain Jack returns! (here)
Spike in Torchwood!! (here)

JULY 2007

Martha's in Torchwood! So's Alan Dale! It's still slow news season - but things are looking up at last! Come on BBC Wales; give us fans some proper news to report!

Some important posts from this month include:
Martha Speculation (here)
Marsters talks 'Wood (here)
John Normington (here)


There's lots of build up to the American launch of Torchwood - including some very kind reviews (and a few 'haters too!) Aside from that - and my summer holiday - there's very little to talk about. Guess the team were too busy tanning up on Cardiff bay...

Some important posts from this month include:
Martha Jones meets the team (here)
American Dreamer (here)
Call to Arms (here)


Again, there's not a lot to talk about - 'cept a whole bunch of American press cuttings. Although there is news on PJ Hammond's second series adventure. To compensate, set up its own Facebook group - dot/TV!

Some important posts from this month include:
Half a Million Woodies (here)
Face to Face (here)
Black and White (here)


The flavour of the month as we head into October happens to be unconfirmed rumours - surrounding Jack's future in Doctor Who and Gwen Cooper in Torchwood. Hopefully news will pick up the closer we get to January 2008 - when Torchwood 2 launches.

Some important posts from this month include:
Jack's Foursome (here)
Gwen Does? (here)

Here's hoping the next 12 months prove just as exciting as the last 12 - fingers crossed! Please, continue reading the site for all the latest, up to the minute Torchwood news. Being a Torchwood fan is often a rollercoaster ride (what with Weevils, Time Rifts and Owen Harper) so fasten those seat belts and join us for the ride!

For everybody that's helped create these past two years, this post is once again for you; a celebration of everything that we've achieved together.

Torchwood rules - but it's us fans, us Woodies, that make the show what it is.

Thank you.

Roll on October 2008...!
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